Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seems Earl Pomeroy is part of the problem

Checking out Duane Sand’s campaign web page I found out some interesting stuff on North Dakota congressman Earl Pomeroy. Seems Pomeroy is part of the problem. Voting with San Fransicko Liberal Nancy Pelosi. So basically Earl is putting party politics ahead of his own state.

I hope Sand keeps hammering Earl on this. Domestic drilling is proving to be a winning issue for the right.

BISMARCK – Congressman Earl Pomeroy voted once again yesterday to block lower gas & diesel prices for North Dakotans. Yesterday’s vote blocked six pieces of legislation designed to combat the nation’s energy crisis. In total, Congressman Pomeroy has voted no fewer than three times to block lower fuel prices in the past three weeks alone.

Yesterday’s vote negatively impacts North Dakota industries and consumers. Congressman. Congressman Pomeroy’s vote:

Banned the Government from purchasing oil shale fuel, the predominant fuel produced in North Dakota.

Jeopardized the North Dakota wind energy through the failure to renew tax credits for renewable fuels.

Failed to invest in wind and nuclear power, which could bring continued prosperity to North Dakota.

Did nothing to stop skyrocketing gas & diesel prices.

The blocked bills were:

H.R. 3089, the No More Excuses Energy Act. The bill opens new oil refineries; invests in wind power, nuclear power and captured CO2; and opens deep-sea and Arctic Energy Slope areas for exploration.

H.R. 2279, expanding American Refining Capacity on former Military Bases. The bill streamlines the refinery application process and converts three former military bases into refinery sites.

H.R. 5656, repealing the Government Ban on Acquiring Alternative Fuels. The bill allows the government to buy fuels like oil shale.

H.R. 2208, the Coal To Liquid Act. The bill increases investments in coal-to-liquid fuel technology.

H.R. 2493, the Fuel Mandate Reduction Act. The bill removes fuel blend requirements if they raise the price of gas.

H.R. 5984, the Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act. The bill extends tax credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Failure to pass this bill would jeopardize the North Dakotan wind energy industry.

House Roll Call Vote 509 took place on Thursday afternoon. Pomeroy voted “yes.” A “yes” vote is a vote to drop these six bills and take up other legislation.

According to the Congressional Record, there’s been no response from Congressional Pomeroy as to why he would vote to block any legislation that might bring much-needed cuts in the price of gas & diesel fuel for North Dakotans.

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