Monday, July 02, 2007

Pictures from the WoO show on 7-01-2007

I made the trip from Forks to Fargo for the World of Outlaws sprint car race on Saturday 7-01-2007. One might say it's a religious experience for sprint car racing fans, it's the chance to see the best sprint car drivers in the world race against the home town boys. Hint: I don't recommend taking a picture while driving down the highway at 80 miles an hours.

This picture is a really good illustration of how fast the cars get spread out on the big half mile track. Qualifying and doing well in your heat race really determines how that driver is going to do during the feature race. If that driver starts out in the rear, that drivers chances are really poor for a high finish unless they are able to get a good start and pick off drivers one by one. On a dry slick that is usually possible. On a quarter mile track that disadvantages isn't as bad, if you start out near the back there is still a chance to make up the distance especially on restarts. Now mind you, the drivers still have to be careful to not use up their tires early in the feature race so they can fight off any challengers during the race. Brook Tatnell had a huge lead when he blew a rear left tire in the last couple of laps.

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