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Pictures from the WoO show on 6-30-2007

The World of Outlaws came to North Dakota for the Duel in the Dakotas. Night was was in Grand Forks, ND. It was a historic occasion, the World of Outlaws Spring Cars had never been to Grand Forks, ND. A lot of the drivers from the World of Outlaws had been here at one time or another but never as the WoO sprint car tour.

When the World of Outlaws come to North Dakota every summer it gives ND fans like me an opportunity to watch North Dakota native and top driver Donny Schatz drive in front of the home town fans. Of course most of us hope that Schatz will put on a winning performance and woo the hometown fans. Honestly, there can't be many sprint car fans in North Dakota are that don't recognize the Parker Stores, Shatz Crossroads, Bellerud Trucking, Snap-on tools, Petro entry of Donny Schatz. It used to be the first thing we looked for when Donny used to race at River Cities Speedway was the Blue Beacon symbol on the side of his hauler.

I think for the most part we can call the first night of the duel in the Dakotas as a huge success. There were about 6000 people crammed into River Cities Speedway, lets just say there was a ton of beer drank at the speedway that night. In it's self the beer consumption has to be an all time record. Mind you I think if River Cities speedway gets 4000 it should be considered a good night. I do have one complaint; there were not enough port a potties to accommodate the size of the crowd and you can judge that by the number of people that were relieving themselves where ever they felt like it. I can't blame them though, you should not have line 40-50 deep to go to the bathroom. That's unacceptable. The speedway could have added something like maybe 10-15 more and they would have had the right number.

From a fan's perspective the track was pretty good, and frankly I have never seen a race whether it be on television or at the track where the WoO boys didn't lay a bunch of rubber down on the track. I have seen it happen at the hallowed Knoxville Nationals as well as at Red River Valley Speedway.

Joey Saldana had never been to River Cities Speedway took the first ever WoO feature race at River Cities Speedway. Joey had the trifecta: he won his heat race, won the dash and took the 10,000 to win feature. This is a picture of Joey being pushed back to his car after winning the feature at RCS.

This picture is of Trin in the hauler of Paul McMahan which is owned by Tony Stewart Racing.

I really love this picture: this is Trin with the crew of the Paul McMahan race team after the races.

This is a pretty good picture that shows how high tech and expensive and racing motors in a WoO sprint car are. This is a motor out of the 10C Jeremy Campbell car. The price of a motor to race in the WoO sprint car tour is 45,000.00, incidentally that was the first night of racing on that motor and the motor was broken when the 10c car flipped during race action.

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