Sunday, July 01, 2007

A little Perspective

So last night Jason Sides wins the Dash in Fargo and the track side reporter Heather Henderson asks Jason Sides right way; “Which track does he like the best?” First off that was a stupid question if not loaded. Please tell what is the point in asking that question? Of course he is going to like the Red River Valley Speedway track better based on how he finished the dash. So instead of side stepping the question, what does Jason Sides do? Sides maligns the track at River Cities Speedway, mind you the guy finished 17th night before and hasn’t won a race all year on circuit. Now after he made his comment he also basically retracted it by saying I raced on small tracks back home. Contrast to that the other driver Joey Saldana that won the race Friday night says the track was good.

Maybe some of the drivers can tell us about the track but it appears that for the most part the track has been decent shape this weekend as well as this summer. The racing from this fan’s perspective has been fun to watch.

So, where did these guys lose touch with reality? Then on Friday night in the pits Danny Lasosky and Steve Kinser leave the pits early and head out early. Schatz the ND driver can’t drive his rig up from Fargo for the meet and greet. Now granted Steve Kinser was in town all week and was there at the meet and greet to sign autographs but in a way I was almost more impressed with last season with the two day NST race… I am not saying I didn’t have fun I just think the World of Outlaws has gotten too big and is losing touch with reality. I think proof of this that the WoO went from three days to one day at RRVS.

While I love the World of Outlaw sprint car races the race on Friday was 10 times the excitement of the race that took place at RRVS. I told my buddy before the race at Fargo that there will be no passing if and if the driver starts on the poll and saves his tires, that driver should/will win. Brooke Tattnell would have won if he wouldn't have blow his left rear tire.
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