Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A good perspective from the Anti-gun crowd.

Doug Leier has a really good article on the stupidity of the anti gun crowd. guns n suv's I know for the most part we are preaching to the crowd and the people we have to educate on the matter can't be bargained with, however, the crux of the argument can be summed up in these three paragraphs of the article. Folks this is what we have to contend with if the Left Wingers like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schummer and Hillary Clinton get their Liberal majorities the MSM is hoping for. Gun owners rights will be the first to go.

Criminals are - and always have been - the problem with the firearms - or knives, or sticks or any blunt object with which trauma can be inflicted. And criminals seem to be getting younger -and more prone to violence.

That would seem apparent from the statistical analysis and one gang member's recounting of how guns are passed from new member to new member in a "rite of passage".

Apparently, however, it isn't apparent to some.

One side of the firearms question believes that all we have to do to eliminate firearm violence is simply collect all the firearms - legal or otherwise.

To the lawful firearm owner, that's a laughable position.
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