Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Move River Cities Speedway? I doubt it...

Grand Forks Life Blog Talks about the recent fair that took place in Grand Forks Last weekend. He does bring up some issues, unfortunately on the speedway he is dead wrong. Speedway isn't going anywhere, the county can talk about it till they are blue in the face but it's a mute point. Your right the Grand Forks County Fair Grounds suck because basically its just a dirty muddy parking lot to the River Cities Speedway, as a parking lot it works great. I would suggest that one way to eleveate the problems of dirt and dust is to pave the parking lot at the county fair grounds, but not many of us want our taxes rasied to pay for the black top. Taxes are high enough already in this town.

If we can't have the fair at the Alerus Center, I think it is high time to build a large, modern county fairgrounds somewhere new. I would recommend building west of town and building in conjunction with a new River Cities Speedway. The county could then sell off the old fairgrounds. Except for the historic gates leading to the grounds, all I can say about the Grand Forks fairgrounds is "what a dump!" This is no place to hold a fair.

I said:
"If you went to the WoO event that was held a couple weeks ago, it was a huge success. Moving the speedway may have been talked about but the idea will get a lot of push back..."

Grand Forks Guy said:
Goon, why couldn't a new speedway hold the same level of action and the same exciting events? I would think one of the reasons the speedway would be moved would be to add more stands and accommodate more people. A new speedway could be bigger and better all around. There's no reason why a new speedway still couldn't be "the action track." Then again, I'm not exactly into racing so perhaps I'm missing something.

I want to go on the record and say I like Grand Forks Guy's blog and this blog article isn't meant to be a slam on his blog or his character. First off Grand Forks Guy does a great job covering the various rumors and happenings around Grand Forks starting with the discussions on the rumors about various restaurants and up and coming business.

I admit that Grand Forks Guy's blog is fun to read, I like it, however, he is dead wrong on this issue and couldn't be further from the point. In fact he is not even in the same area code. The Rivers Cities Speedway isn't going anywhere and there is a reason its called the action track because its a great race track that provided edge of your seat action. Start this discussion and your going to get some push back. Trust me. If you think I am wrong; all you had to do was go to River Cities Speedway to see Friday's World of Outlaw's sprint car race then travel down to Fargo's Red River Valley Speedway the next night. It was a world of difference in the racing action and show presentation.

It's not about a new speedway nor have I heard a lot of the racers or fans asking for one. There were complaints about the track surface but the issue seems to have worked it's way out this year. If some want to have a new fair ground go out on your own and start a grass roots effort to get one but leave the River Cities Speedway alone. We don't need a new race way just so we can have a new fair ground it's about history of the race track and dirt track racing in the Grand Cities.
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