Saturday, July 21, 2007


My father-in-law watches 24 religiously and I had never seen it till recently when I borrowed his first three season of 24. I was skeptical at first but after watching 2 1/6 seasons I have to say wow, what a show. Every episode/season has a new disaster that Jack Bauer must prevent to save the USA.

This scene has to be one of the worst conundrums a super hero could ever be in. In this scene Jack Bauer has to kill his boss Ryan Chappelle at CTU to save L.A. from a killer virus. I have to admit that I couldn't believe the story line ended this way. The saddest part of the whole sequence was that the guy didn't have anyone he wanted to say good bye too before Jack shot him.

In this scene Jack Bauer breaks down after cutting off his daughters fiances arm to save LA, mind you just in the nick of time. It has been a horrible day and any one of us would have had the same reaction. Of course Jack must get himself together to finish the mission.

Reviews of 24

Guess people get excited to watch Jack Bauer run around, and everybody else running around saving us good people from the bad people coming to do harm to our good and godly military empire. "24" offers a lot of people running around to an emotionally manipulative soundtrack, and lots of cell phones beeping (maybe the cell phone industry paid for the endless product placement), and Arab people plotting our destruction. The storyline runs like a press release from the Pentagon. I wouldn't be at all surprised if people in the bowels of the Pentagon were writing the script. There is an entire book about how the Pentagon "shapes and censors" what comes out of Hollywood.

Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies So, I take offense to this show. Programs like "24" advance the delusion that the U.S. is just some sort of innocent global superpower trying to protect itself from the axis of evil. I'd like to see a show where there is a Jack Bauer type of character in some part of the Global South trying to defend his country from the endless assault of the US military, the CIA, and the economic hit men of transnational corporations. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man But a show like that wouldn't be "entertainment," it would be a real-life documentary.

Fidel: The Untold Story I only watch this series to learn some Spanish. The discs offer a Spanish dubbing option. This season has been particularly awful. It was such a drag to see two actors who were in the excellent HBO drama "Six Feet Under" having to lower themselves to "24" to land an acting job. Six Feet Under - The Complete Series Gift Set

The producers of "24" are now doing some lame right-wing comedy news show on Fox, with appearances by America's Humpty Dumpty - Rush Limbaugh, among other servants of the power elite. People who enjoy this sort of show (it probably appeals to many people who have careers in the NSA, FBI, DHS, ICE and other parts of our growing state apparatus) should at least warn their kids that it is propaganda in the service of big money interests. If people are interested in learning of an honest effort to save this country from evil doers, look no further than this revelatory DVD Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the Media

"If you're not careful, the media will have you hating the people you should love, and loving the people you should hate." -Malcolm X

I had to include this customer review from Amazon because I think that it basically illustrates a dangerous mindset that is taking hold in our country. This is taken from the hate America first gang who believe that these acts of aggression are brought on by our foreign policy.
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