Monday, December 18, 2006

A Couple of Boobs. Your Classic Democratic Morons.

Where the hell did he get this number 36 Million? Seems a little High Ted where there are only what about only 230 million people in the USA. Only thing I can think of is a few more people snuck into the USA in the middle of the night. Maybe we need to conduct another census.

I have not idea how this moron got to be rich? Funny stuff here. I guess if he wants to make himself look like an ass so be it. Yikes.

Ted hasn't made up his mind yet on the war on terror. Mind you this is the same war on terror that was started as a result of 3,000 of our country men and women being killed by a barbaric and guttless act of violence. I wonder who much more time he wants to think it over? Hum, so are going to spend the night with Osama?
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