Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rep: Hunters should cover up carcasses

Where do They Get These Morons?
I found this article in the Fargo Forum today. I can't believe that some of our elected leaders would have so much time on their hands that they are now concerned if you have covered up your deer before you transport it home. Cover Up that Deer. I am pretty sure I will not be complying with this law if it ever comes to bear.

BISMARCK – Dead deer and other big-game animals would have to be covered up by hunters who transport them on highways, under a legislator’s proposal.

Rep. Duane DeKrey, R-Pettibone, is proposing a requirement that big-game hunters cover up their dead animals on an interstate or state highway when returning from their hunt.

DeKrey, who is a deer hunter, said he has seen dead and field-dressed deer in pickup beds, on trailers or tied to vehicles, sometimes dripping with blood.

“I couldn’t help but wonder what the general public thinks about that,” he said.

“You hear non-hunters and anti-hunters talking, and that’s repulsive to them. I can personally understand how they could be offended by that,” said longtime deer hunter Brandon Mason. “It doesn’t help the cause of sportsmen much, but it’s a natural part of the hunt.

“As a sportsman,” Mason said, “it’s kind of neat to see what everyone got.”

DeKrey said his proposal is “for discussion only,” and he doubts it will go far.
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