Thursday, December 07, 2006

Next Time your out Hunting. Remember don't be a Jerk

Mind Your Manners
I found this story on a hunting web page: it’s a testament of what kinds of hunters are out in the field. It’s a shame that not everyone has social graces or follows the laws that are written. Remember hunting is a privilege. Hunters like this are the reason there are trespassing sign propping up all over the state of North Dakota.

Originally Posted by a hunter on another web page.

A few years ago we pulled up to a field to hunt that my friend own. Up pulls a truck and 3 guys get out. they let out their 115lb Chessie that comes after my 55lb lab. I got the Chess off of my dog and put my Lab in the truck. The Chess's owner thought that was pretty funny. My friend asked him in he knew whose land he was on. His reply was who cares? This guys was a piece of work. He told us to hit the road. My friend knew that was not going to fly with me so I grabbed his Chessie by the back of his collar and threw him in his crate.

The Chess was not happy. My friend ID's himself as the landowner and offered to show him on the plat book. Again his reply was so? This guy just did not get it. He proceeded to get ready to get his dog out of the crate when I told him to hit the trail. He then got his dog out and they started into the field. I just took off my heavy jacket and was going to go knock him on his ass when up pulls a Sheriff deputy. Turns out the deputy are a friend of my buddy.

Well he calls the warden and holds the guys until he shows up. All the while the guys were being a wiseass. Well the deputy writes them for trespassing. The warden shows up and its game on. He nailed them for no plug in their guns as we were in ND. He goes through their cooler and bites them for not leaving on a leg, wing or head on some pheasants and finds two duck breasts. Well lo and behold no water fowl lic. for ND. He wrote them up for that as well. No Lic. no federal stamp, no wing or head on the duck The warden was on a mission after the guys were being such smart asses. Well finally the fun had to end. The guys got in their truck and tore out of there.

The deputy and warden were smiling and shot the breeze with us for a while. Life was good that day. If they would have asked by buddy would have let them hunt some of his 2800 acres and shoot all the birds they wanted but being a jerk got them in hot water. as for a tough guys my buddy was Marine Recon as was I, that’s how we met. Well you never know whom you are messing with. I found that out when i got in a fight with two guys in San Diego. I got my but kicked. They were SEALS. Always someone tougher out there
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