Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pheasant Hunting Pictures.

First Day of Hunting
These are some of the pictures from my hunting trip In South Dakota. My brother and I hunted around the Bryant and Bancroft South Dakota area (West and south of Watertown, SD). For about 2 plus days of hunting we shot nine roosters. Honestly we could have shot more bird but my brother and I didn’t shoot as well as we could. Well you could say that we didn’t put on a shooting display. Its not that we didn't shoot well because I have shot worse, but we could have shot better. The first day we missed no less than four Rosters from in close, in fact a few of them got up right in front of us at about our feet.

Dakota and Goon
My dog Dakota is finishing up his third season of hunting, he just turned three November 19th, 2006, although he is first and foremost a duck dog (his real title is super lab) Dakota is pretty good at up land game, I would put him against almost any lab. Dakota has made a lot of improvement every season he has hunted and has definitely gotten to be an awesome all around hunting dog. I am not just saying that because he is my dog, I am biased.
Dakota and Alex
My Brother the bald eagle’s dog has been sick so he brought his brother-in-law's dog a female German Short Hair named Alex. I can say that I was highly impressed with the Alex, she is a gutsy hunter with a hell of a nose, lets just say that she also showed incredible speed running down a winged rooster that still had some life in him. I also had a great time watching her point out pheasants, I hadn't hunted over pointers that much and If I had room for another dog in my small house (one lab makes any house small). I would get one of these dogs. The wife has already nixed the idea. House is not big enough for two dogs and I really don't want to go through anymore puppy b.s. right now. But I have to say that nothing is cooler than having a dog giving you a very subtle cue that there is a bird sitting in the grass waiting for you to shoot him.

Bro and Alex
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