Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hunting Dog Doesn't understand Deer Hunting.

Dakota Doesn't Get to Go Hunting
With every November comes deer hunting season, a right of passage for a good number of ND males. Unfortunately this means the dogs will be staying home this weekend. Although I am not an expert in dog thoughts, I am pretty sure my hard charging hunting dog is not all that thrilled with the idea of seeing me leave with a gun and him not being able to go. My wife asked me this morning if I was going hunting and Dakota got excited about the prospects of hunting. Only to be disapointed as he watched me leave the house without him. That's OK, there are many roosters to hunt in the weeks ahead.

Saturday Morning 11-19-2006 (edited)

Saturday morning I went out deer hunting with my buddies, after I had left the house, without the dog of course, my wife said my lab Dakota cried for over an hour. I guess he was disappointed he didn't get to go hunting. I mean, he saw me leave the house with a gun and he didn't get to go. Don't feel too bad for my dog though, he'll get to go pheasant hunting in South Dakota with me this weekend. Should I say, Roosters beware. I plan on bagging a few. Seriously though, If I had been hunting birds we could/would have cleaned up. The plots land that we were hunting in the Devils Lake area was plum full of Sharp Tails. Too bad we were hunting deer. Of course I am not going to say where I saw all of these sharpies, if you can't find them in ND you're not looking too hard. Dakota and I will be making a return trip in the future to shoot some squeakers.
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