Sunday, November 19, 2006

Deer Season Over.

Mission accomplished.

The North Dakota Deer Hunting season was interesting to say the least, lots of people hunting and not a lot of deer to be seen. The deer have really been hard to pin down and see out in the open. Without any snow, it's really hard to track the deer and see where they have been. It is also hard to know if anyone has walked an area you're about to hunt. It seem that more and more, there are getting to be less opportunities to bag a deer. No Hunting signs are more prevalent. One thing I have noticed this season is a lot of deer hunters have trouble getting out of their vehicles and walking, I find it hard to bag a deer on the road.

In retrospect, I was lucky to tag a couple of nice deer but we had to work our butts off to do it. I have to thank the guys that I hunted with for getting me into some nice places to hunt.

New Gun

Before the season I decided to change things up a bit as I traded my old rifle a 270 caliber Remington 7400 (it had a tendency to jam) in for another gun a Savage Bolt action 270. I am very happy with the new gun to say the least. It was different having to work the bolt after each shot but it caused me to be more selective with my shots.

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