Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hawk Tree Golf Course.

3rd Hole  
This Past summer I had a chance to golf Hawk Tree in Bismarck, ND. In seeing the course I thought Hawk Tree was a beautiful golf course with some really cool holes, but it’s almost impossible to play if you’re a high handicap golfer. If you are a golfer that tends to spray the ball around, this course is going to cause you to put up some pretty big numbers. You may need a 10 key adding machine to add up your score. I am guilty as charged. In my opinion I also believe that Hawk Tree is not worth the +$90.00 dollars it cost me to play. The same weekend I also played the Bully Pulpit. While the two course are very nice the Bully Pull Pit was a lot more user friendly and easier to play but it also isn’t as scenic as Hawk Tree.
4th hole 
The third hole picture above is an interesting par three that isn't very long but your ball will spend a long time in the air. There is an 80 foot elevation change.
7th hole 
The fourth hole was another hole that I thought was kind of cool. There was actually a ring neck pheasant cackling on this hole.
10th hole   
The 7th hole has to be one of the neatest holes that I ever played. It’s 549 yard par 5 dogleg and your hitting your tee shot off a very high tee box down hill basically in a to a valley and, if your bold enough you can cut the corner, but you have no clue where your ball landed. My tee shot was a beauty as it buzzed over the top of a maintenance workers head and landed 204 yards from the green for my approach shot. Unfortunately I chopped my four iron into the many hazards that guard the golf course, my poorly struck shot hit one of the rocks that was guarding the black sand trap in front of the green, bounced straight into the air about thirty feet in the hung there which seemed to be an eternity and then landed in the black coal traps that guard all the greens at this course.

The Tenth Hole
The Tenth hole that sits right next to the Hawk Tree Club house is a very challenging 520 yard par 5. This has to be one of the most impossible and difficult golf holes I have ever played and it sets up the back nine nicely. Ther is serious trouble everywhere you look, there is very long fescue on the left side of the hole, little room for error on the right side, and a small fairway. So I decided to play the hole safe and pulled out the driver, but hey I am on vacation right. I bet uyour can guess where my tee shoot went? Pulled it left and my golf ball ended up deep in the fescue to the left, another loss ball and a penalty shot later I was in business.

In reviewing the course the front 9 is a little bit easier than the back 9. If you want to spend a lot of money and lose four sleves of balls by all mean head to Bismarck and play this course.
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