Friday, August 14, 2009

Send Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee home.

Wow! Talk about out of touch and disengaged from the people you serve. When you’re listening to your voters turn the cell phone off and act like you care. Of Course Lee not known for being one of the brightest congressional leaders in the house had this to say about the phone call.
"I dialed the hotline number to give a better answer. I said to the audience, they may not have heard me, that I am trying to get an answer," said Congresswoman Lee in one of her cable interviews.

Miller disagreed. "She was getting phone calls and finding out who was in the room, that she needed to say hello to and that's what I believe what was going on right then. After I was done talking, she would say, 'I would like to welcome,'" said Miller.

And that is only one area where their stories differ on what took place at the town hall meeting. Congresswoman Lee says they are now buddies and will hang out together in Washington D.C.

"Now I consider her a friend. I invited her to Washington," said Congresswoman Lee in a cable interview.

That was news to Miller.
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