Sunday, August 02, 2009

Grand Forks Herald continues to cover for Conrad.

No one should be shocked the it’s the same old crap again Grand Forks Herald is out front telling the local populace/rubes there is nothing to see here folks, we need to move on and the Herald is providing political cover for the three amigos again, don't expect any thing objective when dealing with Team ND from the Grand Forks Herald.

One has to wonder how the Herald reporters can even type when they are wearing their pom-poms and cheer leading. If the editor of the Herald is wondering why he is losing readers? It's editorial articles like. The Herald is no longer a objective unbaised newspaper, you have become a left wing rag that many of us despise.
Conrad’s in national and North Dakota news because of the testimony of Robert Feinberg, a loan officer who worked in Countrywide’s “VIP” department. Feinberg told congressional committees that Conrad knew he was getting preferred rates on his Countrywide loans.

Conrad denies that. Let’s be clear: Conrad doesn’t deny being treated well by Countrywide. U.S. senators get treated well everywhere they go. Moreover, senators who pay their bills on time get treated especially well by banks, as do creditworthy doctors, lawyers, successful actors, CEOs and others in high income brackets.

Remember, Countrywide’s VIP program embraced thousands of customers, including Walter Cronkite, former U.N. ambassador Richard Holbrooke and the late film director Robert Altman.

What Conrad denies is knowingly accepting unreasonably good treatment — treatment so cozy that it would have raised red flags.

Those flags would have signaled, “This is a below-market offer. It’s being extended because you are a senator, and Countrywide hopes for congressional favors in return.”

So far, the evidence bears Conrad out.

So basically the Herald is going to make excuses for Conrad and this will in essence be the end of the story nothing to see here folks, please move along. What part of it’s unethical and looks bad does the Herald lap dog(s) not understand? Your political bias is showing and it’s disgusting. The Herald is becoming a mouth piece for the ND DNC.
Senator Kent Conrad is a powerful democrat on the Finance and Budget committes. It's unethical and this looks bad and doesn't pass the smell test.
And while the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed charges against Countrywide’s top execs, the charges have nothing to do with the above. Instead, the SEC alleges that the executives defrauded investors by misrepresenting the company’s health.

If Countrywide’s VIP customers were being charged with accepting bribes, that would be one thing. But that’s not happening. Instead, those customers — including Conrad — are claiming they did nothing wrong; and so far, law enforcement as well as the customers’ employers, professional boards and other “juries” seem to agree.

Conrad’s jurors are the voters of North Dakota, and we’re not surprised that they’re giving him the benefit of the doubt. He has earned it. His long career has been untouched by scandal, no small achievement for a powerful person living in the public eye. He’s respected by his Senate colleagues and is ably playing a pivotal role.

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