Friday, June 20, 2008

UN Stooge Mohamed ElBaradei will quit if terrorist nation Iran is attacked

I saw this story over on little green footballs. While I suppose it wasn't meant to be funny it did make me chuckle. I am sure there are leftist and appeasers all over the world that are crying right now. Oh please don't go. It sounds real tempting. In my opinion I think they have it coming. I would say don't go away mad just go away.

DUBAI, June 20 (Reuters) - The chief of the United Nations nuclear watchdog said in remarks aired on Friday that he would resign if there was a military strike on Iran, warning that any such attack would turn the region into a "fireball".

"What I see in Iran today is a current, grave and urgent danger. If a military strike is carried out against Iran at this time ... it would make me unable to continue my work," International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamad ElBaradei told Al Arabiya television in an interview. (Reporting by Lin Noueihed)

As they should be. If Iran keep threatening Isreal they are going to end up being a parking
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