Friday, October 19, 2007

Linkorama: More Hunting pictures and a new blog

I shot this sharptail grouse while coming out of the field after hunting ducks south of Michigan North Dakota. A buddy and I had jumped this slough the day before and we saw some ducks sitting on the same slough so we decided to get out jump the slough again. While we were parking my truck we scared up a bunch/covey of sharptails.

Frist; We went and jumped the ducks sitting on the slough with no luck. My buddy said we should go see if we can scare up the sharpies. I wasn't up for the idea at first because I wasn't keen on the idea of walking trough knee high CRP wearing chest waders, but I thought what the heck, if your not trying your not shooting. My buddy and I walked the field that the sharptails flew into, my dog got birdy and it was off to the races. I found out this year that Sharpies like run but they are not as fast as pheasants, thank God. I must say that it was a beautiful shot, 45 yards on a windy day with 3 1/2 steel shot number 2's.

The other day when I was taking my decoys out of the water a sharptail flew over my head. I didn't have my shot gun because it was sitting on shore, kind of makes a guy wonder if he shouldn't have his shot gun strapped to his back.

A new Blog

Check out this blog its a friend of mine that I know from college ND Outdoorsman I am sure you might see that there is some pretty good hunting going on up here in North Dakota.
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