Monday, October 15, 2007

Hunting Pictures

I would have to admit that this fall has been pretty good to me. I had quite a few people asking me how life has been treating me in my absence. Well I can say that my computer is back up and running and I will get around to posting a few blog article as time permits. I think a few of these pictures will probably clear things up for the folks that were wondering how things were going.

Incidentally; my dog Dakota is beat up from all the hunting he has been doing the past few weeks. Actually think I heard him say yesterday that he needed a few days off. I guess he deserves a day off after all of the hunting he has been doing. You tell me if you think his schedule looks tough. Here is my lab's schedule this past week, we went duck hunting on Friday (got skunked by the way), duck hunting on Saturday and pheasant hunting yesterday. Rewind one more week. We went hunting 5 days in a row. That is a lot of retrieves (I am not the only one shooting) and a lot of miles following me around the country side. I won't be hunting anytime soon or I might be looking for a coach to sleep on.

This past Saturday morning there was a really heavy fog and you couldn't see the duck very well as they went flying past the decoys. On Saturday I shot my first ever Bufflehead duck. Talk about a beautiful duck I don't know if there is a more colorful duck. My buddy Trin said, "that I shot two of them with one shot. I guess it is better to be lucky than good. Typical Trin he shoots all the ducks and gives everyone else the credit.

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