Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The WoO Late Models Invade River Cities Speedway

Tuesday night the WoO Late Models invaded River Cities Speedway to race for 10,000.00. Although the sky appeared as if it was going to open up and pour cats and dogs at any moment, mother nature answered the Goon's prayers and held back the rain and WoO Late Models rookie of the year candidate Tim Fuller won the 10,000.00 check. Fuller also picked up 250.00 in rookie bonus money.

Here is a picture from the east bleachers during the heats of the WoO Late Models special at River Cities speedway on 6-12-2007. The track at River Cities speedway was really fast. The weather as of late probably attributed to the great racey surface. During last season race the track was really dry and didn't facilitate passing and there was some obvious grumbling from the drivers. The lack of passing meant and the race winner basically lead from start of the race till the drop of the checkered flag. This season there was lots of passing and great racing action.

Here is a look into WoO LM's rookie Brian Shirley's hauler. This is what a typical hauler from the WoO Late Models series looks like. The big boys travel over 100 nights a year to race in speedways all over the USA. Most of the Travelers on the WoO LM's appeared to have two full cars sitting in the top of their haulers.

Local kid Tommy T-Bone gets his NRLA die cast car that he won in the NLRA raffle signed by NLRA driver Dustin Hapka.

Results from the Race

1. (6) Tim Fuller/50 $10,250
2. (2) Eddie Carrier Jr./50 $5,050
3. (24) Shannon Babb/50 $3,000
4. (4) Shane Clanton/50 $2,500
5. (8) Steve Francis/50 $2,000
6. (5) Darrell Lanigan/50 $1,700
7. (7) Clint Smith/50 $1,400
8. (9) Chub Frank/50 $1,300
9. (1) Rick Eckert/50 $1,200
10. (3) Brian Shirley/50 $1,100
11. (12) Josh Richards/50 $1,050
12. (10) Mike Balcaen/50 $1,500
13. (13) Brad Seng/50 $950
14. (16) Joey Pederson/50 $900
15. (23) Kevin Sexton/48 $850
16. (18) Steve Anderson/48 $800
17. (22) Dave Tyrchniewicz/32 $770
18. (11) Ricky Weiss/31 $750
19. (15) Doyle Erickson/20 $730
20. (17) Mitch Johnson/17 $700
21. (20) James Sangrait Jr./8 $700
22. (14) Pat Doar/7 $700
23. (21) Roy Mitchell/7 $700
24. (19) Tom Corcoran/6 $700

Local Driver Mike Balcan was the top local driver in the special.
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