Friday, January 05, 2007

Raising taxes, expanding state services top the Senate’s agenda

Even Minnesota isn't my state, I live in the great state of North Dakota; these confiscation policies affect all of us indirectly, especially if you shop in Minnesota. I mean seriously, this is one hell of an agenda to run on politically. Read the clip below it sounds like blatant socialism, it’s also what the Democrats are going to do nationally.

Seriously, people that make a moderate to decent wage are sick and tired of being nickel and dime to death to pay for stupid social welfare projects. I can't afford any more taxes. If you look at your pay check your already losing about 34 percent of your wages. That’s criminal. I wonder why the Democrats and the DNC didn’t run on this platform nationally? If the Democrats ran on this type of a political platform it would not be a winning combination. First off you not entitled to socialized medicine. I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's medical procedure.

Here come the Democrats to Steal Your Money.

The Minnesota Senate wants you to give the state more money — and wants to give you universal health care, all-day kindergarten, better roads, lower property taxes and investments in the arts and natural resources in exchange.

In several bills introduced Thursday, the Democrat-controlled Senate proposed raising the statewide sales taxes by 3/8 of a cent for every dollar spent on taxable goods, boosting the gas tax by 10 cents and increasing vehicle registration fees, which could go up by as much as $100 for pricey new vehicles. It also proposed allowing counties to impose a wheel age tax of up to $20 per vehicle and allowing metro counties to impose a new ½-cent sales tax for transportation projects.

The bills would put caps on the growth of health care premiums, fund more transit options, grant families an early education allowance and increase state aid to cities, counties and schools to reduce rapidly rising property taxes.

The Senate’s ambitious agenda will run into some opposition from tax-averse Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty and others.

Here comes the democrats; and they and their merry band of thief’s are going to be stealing from the hard working to give it to the poor, sick, lame, lazy and oh yeah lets not forget the poor illegal aliens because God knows they deserve to have social security benefits and drivers licenses too.

There is some hope:
Assistant Senate Majority Leader Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud, acknowledged earlier this week that the proposals are far-reaching and that not all would become law this year.

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