Sunday, January 07, 2007

No Beer For You.

Funny Picture
My Brother-in-law sent me this picture. I think it’s pretty funny but it is kind of true. It seems about par for he course. How many times have you heard your wife complain about you spending too money on a new gun? Or try this one on for size; how many times have you heard your woman complains about you buying that new $400.00 driver? Come on. We all know that the $400.00 driver hits better than the $50.00 K-Mart Special. I personally have heard one of my buddies wife complaining about how expensive duck hunting shells are. Her question was, "can't you just use discount shells? " Or the question “ How come you need so many ProV1 golf balls?” We all know that we need them because we keep hitting them into the water hazards and deep into the woods. Of course she turns around and spends $75.00 on makeup and beauty aides, or 300.00 on a new outfit that will only be worn once and hung in the closet.
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