Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Introducing ND Red Neck

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Announcing ND Red Neck
This blog will be reserved for other things that don't belong in Goon's World. Goon's World was originally designed to talk about college and professional hockey but we got off focus this summer. From this day forward the focus at Goon's World will get back to hockey. This new blog will focus primarily on the finer things in life minus hockey. We will talk about things like Sprint Car Racing, Golf, Duck Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, Deer Hunting as well as other things relating to the outdoors that don't have a place in Goon's World.

Goon's World is for hockey and during the off-season I toyed with the idea of doing more than hockey, but it just didn’t fit at Goon’ World, so I decided to add a new site which makes its official appearance today. So now that hockey is back in season we are going to tighten up Goon's World a bit, no more hunting. Hunting and Racing belong on ND Red Neck. Hockey goes on Goon's world.

A place to discuss hunting?
Here in the Red Neck Nation we are going to give people a place to focus on the issues surrounding the outdoors and possibly some politics. We will talk about issues like the Boat Parade plaguing North Dakota as the Non-Resident Duck season begins. I might talk about Blue license Plate Syndrome etc. We will also talk about the issues surrounding outdoors man in the upper Midwest.
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