Thursday, January 05, 2012

Obama the dictator

I guess Obama needs to read the constitution, Obama had no right to make a recess appointment when the Congress was not in recess. Obama violated the constitution he should be brought up on article of impeachment. Obama needs to remember that he is only one part of three branches of government. This is the United States of America, we don't live in a fascistic dictatorship.

( – Carney said the president wants to work with Congress, but if the House and Senate don’t, Obama will.

“He’s going to take the actions that he can take using his executive authority to help the cause here, to help Americans deal with this challenging economy. And they can be small, medium or large actions and they don’t have to be just executive authority actions,” Carney continued. “They can be things we can do working with the private sector. So he’ll pursue all tracks.”

Carney added the president still would like to work with Congress.

“But it is not accurate to suggest that he doesn’t want to engage with Congress and that he won’t engage with Congress,” Carney said. “He wants to continue to work with Congress. He and his advisors believe there will be opportunities to cooperate with Congress this year. We believe, as a purely political matter, that some members of Congress that have pursued an obstructionist path may begin to see it in their political interest to actually demonstrate to their constituents that they can get some things done.”
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