Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Check out this buffoon's post.

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...Image via WikipediaCheck out this comment that was in the post from the Breitbart blog on #occupywallstreet. I can't believe that anyone would even write something this far out an loony. I have to admit that I don't hold Karl Rover in a very favorable light but this is just kooky stuff.
The full 99% of America's citizens, simply do not realize yet, that they are indeed behind "Frenemy Lines"!! They just don't understand the concept of "Friendly Subversion", which is being practiced upon them, and has been practiced upon them, since the time of President Reagan.

This tool called "Friendly Subversion", practiced by the "Frenemies" of this nation, have their craft down pat too!! The current Republican Party, mostly left-overs from the "Bush Jr. Era", and their new trainees, the "Tea Party", have been using their new learned techniques upon anyone who will listen, especially, if they are not willing to question them about the truth, and not the spun lies of their craft!!

Karl Rove and his disciples, used these very same techniques, in order to steal both instances of a George W. Bush Jr. win, solidified by a bought and paid for "Supreme Court", which they had carefully set up through Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr.!!

To show you how bad this got to be, Bush Jr. had even tried to get his housekeeper nominated to the "Supreme Court Bench"!!

We as American citizens all need to wake up right now!! Simply put, the current Republican Party, and their off-shoot the Tea Party, are not in fact your friends, they are not who they claim to be on any level!! If their rhetoric both past and present does not convince you, then take a good long and hard look, at exactly what they are trying to sell to you, and market to you as "Presidential Candidates"!

Listen closely to what these people are saying, because not one of them has any good ideas for America, they indeed, only have great ideas, on how to destroy America, and destroy you!! If you don't believe it, and you continue to believe in and support these fake people (I call them "Political Monsters" and "Nightmares"), take a good look around you, what do you really have, how many freedoms do you still actually have, not supposed freedoms, but actual freedoms? Now ask yourself, exactly what did the creation of "Homeland Security" & the "Patriot Act" actually achieve, what rights & freedoms did the average American citizen lose in the bargain? Do do any of you even know?

These "American Frenemies" are robbing you blind and have been doing so for quite a long time!! Wake up and rid yourselves of them now and while you still can. Or you can just stick with them, and do enjoy the chains and shackles of your new bondage, earning peanuts per day, working endlessly for corporations and businesses, that no longer have to assure your safety on the job, give you any benefits at all, in exchange for your slave work, and don't get sick, because there will be exactly no healthcare for you, and no one to fight for it for you, as there will be exactly no unions, because you are supporting there destruction from existence, even as we speak!!

Understand something America, and this is truly simple to get, you only need listen, and listen good:

If any of you are not counted among the top 1% in this country, you don't matter, you don't count, and you never will. The greedy & corrupt are taking over your Government, and are turning it against you, even as we speak. They are achieving this through the direct purchase of your Republican Party, and will soon be working on your Democratic Party, of which, they have already purchased a few!! This country will soon be run, lock, stock, and barrel, by only the top1%, be made up of the top 1%, and will be only for the top 1%!!

Now that you know that you are behind enemy lines, and deeper in this "Class War" that was started long before you ever realized it, and was created through the top 1%'s complete ownership of the Republican Party and its' offspring, their corporations are taking over, all over the globe!! Tell me, what are you going to do about it?

I would strongly suggest that you don't wait for somebody else to solve this riddle for you, nor should you depend upon anyone else to be your guide, actually read the facts for yourself, and then you decide.

Because like I said, you are behind "Frenemy Lines", and your "Frenemies" are coming for your vote, what are you going to do, while you still have a vote America? What are you going to do with it?

I suspect it won't be long now, and you will no longer have the ability to even vote!!
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