Saturday, October 29, 2011

US scales back northern border checks

This Obama administration is pathetic when it comes to border security, now the Border Patrol has been told basically to look the other way on illegal aliens and not make arrests unless they are criminals. Looks like Obumble and the Democrats are trying to make sure that the Border Patrol doesn’t deport their voting base. ----- Current and former Border Patrol agents said field offices around America began receiving the order last month — soon after the Obama administration announced that to ease an overburdened immigration system, it would allow many illegal immigrants to remain in the country while it focuses on deporting those who have committed crimes.

The routine bus, train and airport checks typically involved agents milling about and questioning people who appeared suspicious, and had long been criticized by immigrant rights groups. Critics said the tactic amounted to racial profiling and violated travelers' civil liberties.

But agents said it was an effective way to catch unlawful immigrants, including smugglers and possible terrorists, who had evaded detection at the border, as well as people who had overstayed their visas. Often, those who evade initial detection head quickly for the nearest public transportation in hopes of reaching other parts of the country.