Monday, February 09, 2009

What part of illegal do they not understand?

This is the kind of stuff that really makes my blood boil. The minute these people cross the border they have committed a crime. We should be thanking this rancher for doing his part to keep illegal Aliens out of our country not having him charged in court. If your having hard time seeing the point here, the illegal invaders committed a crime by crossing the border, then they trespassed on this ranchers land, finally by destroying his property they have committed another crime.
16 illegals sue Arizona rancher --- Claim violation of rights as they crossed his land
Jerry Seper --- Monday, February 9, 2009
An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home.

His Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as "the avenue of choice" for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally.
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