Monday, January 12, 2009

What about Norse?

With the Fighting Sioux logo debate up front and center with the dust up from the Summit league’s decision to not consider UND until the nickname issue is behind it.

As well all know this is should not be an issue because UND has to change their name/logo if the University can not get approval by both tribes. The issue is not going away and its time to consider the inevitable. Life without the Fighting Sioux nick name and logo. like I have said in the past the name is gone there is no way we can fight off political correctness gone amuck. It is just a matter of time before the name is gone for good.

I an not happy with the fact that there will no longer be a Fighting Sioux name/logo connected to the University of North Dakota. I have made my feeling known, I am on record of being against this change, this is a train we can not stop. I like a lot of fans are tired of fighting the battle with the people in the pro-name change crowd. The cards are against us and we can not win.

Maybe it is time to consider some new names to replace the Fighting Sioux with. My suggestion is Norse. Why not? North Dakota and Minnesota have one of the biggest populations of people of Scandinavian decent in the USA.

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