Friday, January 02, 2009

Minnesota lawmaker to push for restricting lead bullets

Doug Leir said this was coming and the left is trying to now ban lead bullets. This is what happens when you let liberalism go unchecked. How many of us have been eating deer that we have shot with lead bullets for years. None of us have had any issues with lead poisoning. This sounds like someone making an observation without any evidence to back it up. Unless this person watched the eagle eat a gut pile from a deer and observe it over time how the hell would they know this? Liberal Skippy's.
MOORHEAD — Beth Siverhus has hunted deer since 1976, and for the first time next year, she plans to use copper-coated bullets instead of lead.

That’s because the Warroad, Minn., woman also spends time rehabilitating injured birds and, in the plast year, observed several eagles die from lead poisoning. She believes they likely ingested the lead while eating piles of deer guts left in the woods by hunters.

“It’s a pretty sick feeling to realize I could have been doing something to both contaminate the food we eat and make wildlife sick that are feeding on the gut piles,” Siverhus told Minnesota Public Radio News.

Siverhus said she hadn’t previously worried much about reports of lead fragments in venison, which led some Minnesota food shelves to ban venison donations.
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