Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Last Wednesday night I was out hunting with my buddy Mark at the Dakota Hunting club and things went really good up until the point where my dog got sprayed by a skunk. Let me tell you that was not a fun experience, I thought my dog was getting birdie and I thought there would be a pheasant in the air, however we waited and waited and waited, until finally I walked over to see my dog with his nose in a Skunk's ass.

When I saw what was going on I drug Dakota out of there as fast as I could, however, the damage has been done Dakota had gotten sprayed in the face. My first instinct was to shoot the disgusting animal (the skunk) but I didn't think it would make anything better because we were facing the Skunk with his tail in the air. Then we have really had a mess where there would be to fowl smelling beings, and I didn't want to sleep in the garage.

After getting sprayed Dakota was rolling around in the grass and I have to admit that I really didn't know what to do at this point. I have had my dog 4 1/2 years and Dakota has never been sprayed by a skunk until this day. I usually keep a really close eye on my dog in the field and know where he is at all time.

In your mind you run the options through you head what can you do. 1.) You can't leave your dog out in the field there because he smells, he is my pet and a member of my family. 2.) the hunting vehicle is going to gain a new smell. Hum, the resell value of my vehicle might take a slight hit. A new air freshener wet dog smell and skunk. Let me tell you that it is not good for your dog to get sprayed by a skunk. Every time he got wet this past weekend out duck hunting there was the slight smell of skunk.

Thanks to my Buddy Trin I took Dakota over to the house and washed him in dish soap, peroxide and baking soda. That worked for the most part and we ended up washing him again when I got home. The next day I went to Petco and got some Nature's Miracle but that really didn't work as great as I thought it would...

About four baths later my dog is finally almost starting to smell 100% skunk free.

Update --- I took Dakota to PETCO on Wednesday and he now smells skunk free, I also put my vehicle through the Valley Car Wash a few time and that too smells good...

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