Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin did not support the Bridge to no where...

Democrats lets get this straight Palin not for the bridge to no where.
Stevens: No 'Bridge to Nowhere' Advocacy by Palin
By Paul Kane
Count Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) as a defender of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's position on the controversial "Bridge to Nowhere" project.

Stevens, who once threatened to resign his Senate seat in 2005 if $223 million for the bridge project was defeated, told reporters today that Palin was never a supporter of the project, which has quickly become a bone of contention in defining the GOP vice-presidential nominee's self proclaimed image as a maverick reformer who took on "the good ol' boys network" of Alaska Republicans.

"I don't remember her ever campaigning for it. As a matter of fact, she was very critical of it at the time. And she took the money and did not use it for the bridge, so you're wrong, as far as I'm concerned," Stevens said today.
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