Friday, August 08, 2008

The Fargo Forum on Pelosi not wanting to drill.

I wonder if the price of gas is finally hitting at the Fargo Forum and finally now sees a need for concern on off shore drilling. They are a day late and a dollars hort. I am actually shocked that the Fargo Forum makes mention of Nancy Pelosi and how she is obstructing drilling, because she is the leader of Earl Pomeroy's do nothing democratic caucus. Ussually the Fargo Forum fails to hold the team North Dakota democrats accountable and ussually goes with the status quo. I mean hey they are still bringing home the bacon to North Dakota; right?

For once the Fargo Forum is getting it right, ex-post facto, there should be a vote on whether or not to have off shore drilling. Pelosi doesn't want to have a vote because she knows that she will lose and she is being propped up by the Green/environmental movement and by George Soros and who is against off shore drilling and for higher gas prices.

Lets be frank; the will of all American people is not being heard. The vote for offshore drilling is being held up by empty suits in Washington. The voice of all people needs to be heard, not just the voice of left leaning environmental extremism.

This is a winning issue in the 2008 elections. I believe the left over stepping its bounds and taking way too much stock in the false science know as the green environmental movement.

Today’s issue: House Speaker says no to a vote on off-shore oil drilling.
Our position: Despite her pledge, she’s engaging in partisan politics of the worst kind.

When Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives, they pledged to change the way the House was operated by Republicans, who, Democrats said, were autocratic and harshly partisan. Democrats under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi aren’t living up to the pledge.

The latest display of partisan arrogance from Pelosi was her refusal to allow a House vote on lifting the ban on offshore drilling for oil. President Bush lifted the ban that was imposed by his father, but Congress needs to follow through in order to give states the option to drill. Pelosi would not schedule a vote.

Whether one favors or opposes more offshore oil drilling is really not the issue.

This is about allowing the people’s Representatives to vote on the matter – to put them on the record. Could it be that Pelosi, who is in the hip pocket of the environmental fringe, knows that lifting the drilling ban would pass? Could it be she knows that enough of her Democrats would join Republicans to lift the ban? Could it be she’s just avoiding the embarrassment of losing a big one?

It looks as if Americans will never know. She shut down the House for the August recess without acting on what could be one of the most important pieces of the energy puzzle. In league with hapless and numbingly incompetent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Pelosi is playing politics with the nation’s most pressing domestic issue.

Both Democratic leaders claim oil companies have thousands of acres under lease already but have not been exploiting them. It’s not that simple. Leases expire, turn over and often prove to be without the potential they were thought to have. At more than $130 per barrel, oil companies are pumping as much as they practically can.

Moreover, oil companies already operating in the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore locations have demonstrated good – not perfect – environmental records.

But old and existing leases should not be an excuse for locking up areas with potential for new oil finds. The focus should be on offshore areas that have not been fully explored but show great promise. Pelosi is playing politics with the nation’s energy welfare, and therefore with the pocketbooks of families and businesses.

If the speaker believes she’s changed the way the House was run by Republicans, she’s mistaken. Indeed, her haughty partisanship is worse. Tom “The Hammer” DeLay, the disgraced Texas congressman who ran roughshod over Democrats during his tenure as Republican majority leader, would be proud.

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Thanks to Matt from the Duane Sands campaign for the heads up on this one.
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