Monday, June 16, 2008

More Silliness from the left.

Way to handcuff our country with the new CFL light bulbs. Who elects these moron to office? There is no way in heck these guys and gals are the best of the brightest. It is almost like it is a preresiquit to be a mind numbing moron to run for office. So not only do we have to use these things by 2015 we also are finding out these bulbs are hazzardous to the environment.

Here are some of the negatives

*So it turns out, these bulbs can actually be harmful to those who suffer from migraines. The flicker rate of the bulb is different than your standard light bulb and can trigger migraines in those folk who suffer from them. You all know who you are … my husband gets fierce migraines, and has had at least one a month since we started using the CFLs.

*In addition, if you have a skin condition like excema, lupus, dermatitis or porphyria, The British Association of Dermatologists reported that the bulbs emit wavelengths of light that can trigger it or skin cancer if you are a person sensitive to light. All four of us residents in this house have excema, my 8 month old son worst of all, and I also have a history of skin cancer in my family.

*The bulbs contain mercury, and therefore you cannot just throw them away, you have to take them to an approved recycler. There’s very little mercury in the bulbs, but enough that the garbagemen are worried about mercury poisoning from people just tossing them in the trash.
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