Thursday, June 12, 2008

Duane Sand beats Earl Pomeroy on Tuesday

Of course you won't see a lot written on it. The Libs will say oh it wasn't during the general election but it did happen. It is time to send stuff shirt Earl Pomeroy back to ND permanently. This doesn't look like the doom and gloom that the left has been talking about. Ok republicans lets get out and do our part to expose Obama and vote Sand into office.

Duane Sand Outpolls Pomeroy in Statewide Primary

This campaign has a great challenge. We're looking to defeat an eight-term incumbent Congressman. Nobody's beat him before, but with your support we can do it.

Yesterday was the North Dakota primary. We didn't have a competitive primary in the Congressional race, but Duane still did better than Earl Pomeroy.

How can this be, when Pomeroy is supposedly so tough to beat? We didn't spend a dime on television ads, radio spots, or direct mail. But Duane still got more votes than Earl Pomeroy. Even though there wasn't much attention paid to our race, more North Dakotans voted for Duane Sand than Earl Pomeroy.

According to the Secretary of State's Web site, 89,059 North Dakotans voted in yesterday's Congressional primary. Those results are as follows:

Duane Sand Republican 46,164
Earl Pomeroy Democratic-NPL 42,895
Difference 3,269

Total 89,059
Precincts 528 of 528 reporting

Duane beat Earl Pomeroy by 3,269 votes!

The national press would have you think that Republicans are demoralized, that we're scared to death of the 2008 election and won't come out to vote. But once again, North Dakota proves the pundits wrong! Yesterday's election sends a clear message that Republicans are excited about our Republican ticket. This enthusiasm will last until November, and will bring us victory.

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