Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bird Flu Update

This could be a disaster. Lets just hope that flu strain does not mutate so it can be transmitted easily from person to person.

Bird Flu Update
Pandemic Influenza Still a Threat
By Brian M. Carty, MD, MSPH February 22, 2008

A city is swept by an epidemic. Thousands are dead, the streets are silent, and all stores, schools, churches, and public places are closed. There are no pedestrians, no cars, no buses, and no trains. The supply of coffins is exhausted. So many have died that the dead must be buried in mass graves dug with steam shovels.

Science fiction? No. This scenario occurred in virtually every large American city during the 1918 influenza pandemic. It was the worst epidemic in human history and killed over 50 million people worldwide. Experts are certain that another influenza pandemic will occur, but when the pandemic will occur, how severe it will be, and what the responsible influenza virus strain will be are unknown.
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