Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why is the LEFT so angry?

I found this post that was in response to an article that was written on the left leaning site The response is from a very angry liberal. In reading this article you would have thought that the USA over reacted to 9/11, and brought it on themselves. I mean the terrorist were only attacking the capitalist and military. What kind of flawed logic is that? Why are they filled with so much hate? You would have thought that George W. Bush is the anti-Christ. Does the extreme left expect us to just absorb blows from the terrorists? Let's not forget that two bit terror organization killed 3,000+ of our citizens on one day.

Is this what the Media is afraid of-Well? it still does not excuse their actions and Inactions for AT least the last 7 yrs. Failing to point out the obvious BS which began on 9/11 helping to pertpetuate the Lie is unforgiveable. any thinking person knew the attacks we NOT agaisnt US, Nor our Freedoms, Nor our Liberal Ways nor standard of living- the targets plainly explained who they were after and Who caused such a horrific retailation. They did not hit the Statue of Liberty, the Mall of America or San Fran. they targeted the MIC and the Foreign Policy Center! Considering the state of our Country, our freedoms and Our rights one can only deduct it is those in power Here who hate our Freedoms, our way of life and our liberties!They have done more to bring down our country then any two bit ‘terrorist ‘ orgnaization could have ever dreamed of achieving!

And with th ecurrent Rhetoric from the WH, congress, SCOTUS and Clinton & Mac they appear not to be Done with US yet! The media better start remembering WHO actually Butters their Bread- Who can eliminate their livlihood by merely turning them Off. Better start singing and Stop playing the ‘Ministry of Truth’ scam. You either stand with US- or go Down with Them!! I hear Gitmo has at least rather nice weather- but you will never see it!
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