Saturday, May 03, 2008

Obama IS anti gun...

This is going to be one of the most important elections ever. I always get queezy when I hear dems tell me oh don't worry the left isn't trying to take guns away from us. Yeah don't believe a word they say. Especially smooth talking lawers that are educated in ivy league schools.
Obama Wants Your Guns
If Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, he is going to send ugly, burly men to your house and confiscate your guns, which will be melted down and reformed into windmills. All civilian ammunition will be transferred to Yucca Mountain, to be stored with nuclear waste.

Well, perhaps that’s a bit overstated, it being campaign season and all, but we need to get your attention. This is not overstated: If Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, he is going to be the most anti-gun President in recent memory, graded a big fat F by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

You could have knocked us over with a hummingbird feather, then, when reported that Obama is “making a play for pro-gun voters in rural Pennsylvania.” Forty percent of Pennsylvania voters own guns, and the state has the largest per capita NRA membership in the country. The Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary will be held on April 22.

Obama “is doing the gun dance,” writes columnist Robert Novak. “That is a dance of many Democrats, revealed by my private conversations with the party’s strategists. As urban liberals, they reject constitutional protection for gun owners. As campaign managers, they want to avoid re-enacting the fate of many Democratic candidates who lost elections because of gun control advocacy.”

Obama has taken a slyly different approach, at least in his campaign rhetoric. He says he supports the Second Amendment and an “individual right to bear arms,” weaving in his experience as a constitutional law professor. Fair enough, you say. But it is more likely that he just sees the Supreme Court handwriting on the wall, anticipating the court decision on the notorious District of Columbia gun ban case later this session.

Of course, Obama throws in the old “subject to reasonable and common sense regulation” caveat. In the District of Columbia, a complete ban on handguns for law-abiding citizens has been portrayed by government officials and their lawyers as “reasonable, common sense regulation.” Where does Obama stand on the DC regulation? Twice, Robert Novak tried to get an answer from the Obama campaign. Twice, the columnist got only a gobbledygook response that did not address the question.

Here’s Novak on Obama’s record: “Obama’s dance on gun rights is part of his evolution from a radical young state legislator a few years ago. He was recorded in a 1996 questionnaire as advocating a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns (a position since disavowed). He was on the board of the Chicago-based Joyce Foundation, which takes an aggressive gun control position, and in 2000 considered becoming its full-time president. In 2006, he voted with an 84 to 16 majority…to prohibit confiscation of firearms during an emergency, but that is his only pro-gun vote in Springfield or Washington.”

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