Saturday, April 26, 2008

An interesting perspective: If Barack or Hillary is elected

I found this post by a read over on Mary Grabar article that was posted over on Yes, Barack Obama, We Are Bitter. This post does a very good job laying out what happens if a Democrat gets the White House and more of a majority in the house and senate.

dc writes: Sunday, April, 20, 2008 11:21 PM

If a democrat wins the White house, and it doesn’t really matter which one, and if they continue to control Congress, as it appears they likely will… what will they change? The economy will likely collapse as soon as taxes are increased. We will all get ‘free’ health care - or free remnants of what was once health care. The rich will be taxed until they no longer exist. Companies will be ‘saved’ or ‘bailed out’ by the government - and all for a small increase in government oversight and regulation.

We will be told what cars to buy, if any are even built in this country again. We will be told the type of light bulb to use.

And not far behind, in a democrat utopia, we will be told how to vote.

The saddest thing about all of this is… we won’t even complain about free health care, taxing the rich, and if it is our employer who is ‘bailed out’ we will support that too! Like those on welfare, we will become slaves to the government and slaves to our own greed and insecurities. So when they choose all of the candidates for us, and we get to vote for the candidates they choose we won’t complain about that either.

Oh wait. They already did that, didn’t they?
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