Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Check out this site

Someone emailed me this site and I find it really interesting. It is about the speed traps in our home town. It will tell you were the speed traps in your home town are Speed traps. I went to North Dakota then clicked on the town Grand Forks.

Jurisdiction: Grand Forks, North Dakota
Speed Trap Location: 40th Avenue
Nearest Reference Point: Washington Street
Time of Day: Any time of day
Level of Enforcement: Moderate
Type of Enforcement: Radar
Date: 11/2007
They sit in the parking lot of the old Rental place (now closed) and get cars coming on 40th toward Washington. This can be any day, but is noticed near the end of the month (must be quota time). The limit is 25 which is unrealistic for that stretch of S. 40th.

I know this one is true because I do drive by there at times and see a cop siting there. I almost got tagged in that location one time.
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