Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hunting at Dakota Hunting Club.

For this season I became a member of the Dakota Hunting Club for the first time. I figured why not because I knew the price of gas this season was going to be high and I was able to join the club with my old boss from TSA and two other guys it really wasn't that spendy at all.

Seriously, after crunching the numbers and looking for what a guy would pay for the price of gas, wear and tear on the my vehicle, I figured that I could spend the same ammount of money and hunt 5 miles out of town. Of course today it proved to be more expensive as I ripped the side mirror of my vehicle backing out of the garrage. Also you don't have to worry about identifying birds because you can shoot hens on hunting preserves. I was talking to the owner and they hunted till April this past season so you can hunt longer too.

So today I decided to put 5 birds out got two of them, missed two and dropped the leg on another bird that kept right on flying away from me.
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