Thursday, September 06, 2007

Night 1 of the John Seitz Memorial.

A time for reflection:
Last night was the opening night of the two day John Seitz Memorial Late Model Invitational at River Cities Speedway. One could say that River Cities Speedway has been planning for this weekend races for a long time. This race was in honor of John Seitz who was one arguably of the best late model drivers in the upper Midwest. This past winter John Seitz tragically passed away in his sleep of natural causes on February 4th 2007 while on a snowmobile trip out west.

The real shocker to me was how many people actually showed up for the first night of the John Seitz Memorial Late Model Invitational. Where the heck was everyone? It would be an understatement to say that the crowd on Thursday night was very small and disappointing,. Seriously folks there couldn’t have been 2000 people there in the stands.

My first question is how could this happen? Is this how we honor a hero or legend? It can’t be. Seriously, this was supposed to be a big weekend to honor a great driver. It’s only one night and it still could be a big crowd tonight, but seriously folks, this was supposed to be the night River Cities Speedway honored the great late John Seitz, super late model driver, the man; the legend; the racer. The drivers put one hell of a show on and the fans disappointed.

If you look at this event in a serious light; this weekend was not planned over night, this was a weekend that was planned over the course of the summer and there is no reason that this event shouldn't have been a bigger, the opening night of this event should have been a smashing success with a huge crowd showing up. There should have been 4000-5000 fans in the stands like the World of Outlaws special.

Frankly, there is no reason for not having a bigger crowd at the speedway to honor a great racer, on a beautiful night For the life of me; I can’t understand how this could happen, seriously folks, there should have been a bigger crowd at the speedway tonight and there really isn't any excuse for not having a bigger crowd at the speedway tonight. It’s not like the event was very expensive. As most of us know there is nothing else going on in Grand Forks, ND on this Thursday night; except for this late model race. The only thing I can think of that kept people from coming to the speedway was the small threat of rain and that it was a school night.

Did I mention there were some really great drivers at River Cities Speedway last night? Wow, what a line up.

Number 92

This is a picture I took of Trin and the Goon standing next to Don Shaw's Late Model, Shaw had a race Car with John Seitz's old number and paint Scheme on it. Lets just say that it was nice to see the 92 car racing again at River Cities speeday.

Gordy Tuel

Tonight we had the pleasure of talking with River Cities Speedway flag man Gordy Tuel. Gordy was a legend in his racing days at River Cities Speedway.
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