Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tim Kaeding done at Steve Kinser Racing...

It appears that Tim Kaeding is done racing for Steve Kinser racing. Tim Kaeding was filling in for Brooke Tatnell when Tatnell was back home for his father's funeral.

TK AND SKR - (2-28-07 @ 11:30 am) - RUMOR - Everyone knows about Tim Kaeding being released from Steve Kinser Racing right after the season opening WoO races in Florida a couple of weeks ago, only to be rehired shortly after. What changed Steve's mind? It appears that Steve's change of heart came in the form of what TK's option was going to be. I have been told that Steve was offered a large sum of money from a very prominant WoO owner to buy the #11K team. Who was that owner wanting to buy the SKR #11k? I have been told that Tony Stewart Racing offered to buy the 11K team and have TK drive it on the WoO series. I guess it is beter to have the hotest driver on your team than to try to beat him when he drives for the competitor.
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Here is some more to the story.

IS IT ON AGAIN? - (4-12-07 @ 10:35 am) - RUMOR - There is a post on the Hoseheads message board stating that Tony Stewart made a statement on a radio show that he has been on the phone with Steve Kinser about a business deal. The post states that Tony started to reveal the specifics of the phone call but stopped before revealing anything. Tony stated that he hopes to have the deal completed before next week. There was a previous rumor that Tony Stewart offefed to buy the #11K from Steve Kinser in an effort for Tim Kaeding to join the TSR racing team. I guess we will see soon. UPDATE #1 - (4-12-07 @ 7:35 pm) - STRONG RUMOR - This is looking like it is real. There are many reports (some claiming that they talked to Bud Kaeding) that the #11K is parked and Tim Kaeding is going to race at Eldora this weekend in a second Tony Stewart Racing Bass Pro Shops sprint car. It is reported that Tim has taken Bud Kaeding's trailer and semi and loaded a brand new TSR sprint car in it and headed to Eldora Speedway. The official announcement of what is going on may come on Tony Stewarts Sirus radio show on tuesday.
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