Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's on the Race Car...

Local kids Tommy "T-Bone" and Seth aka "hopper" with a River Cities Speedway's mid season champions car. Of course its no secret that Balcaen is an awesome super late model driver: According to River Cities Speedway track announcer Tim Mooney; Mike Balcaen has won something in the neighborhood of 30 track championships. That is a life time of championships.

One could say that whats on the race car says a lot about the driver and his personality. This car (a Midwest Modified) has a funny eye catching phrase on the back of the car. Lets just say It shows original thought and its funny. It's one of those statements that makes you at least take a second look. I have no idea who's car it is, but it is a funny phrase.

Wade Nygaards sprinter has a funny slogan on it too. This driver carries no cash, LOL... Wade Nygaard an awesome sprint car driver and has won something like 212 feature races during his racing career. So it wouldn't be an understatement to say that if Wade actually had some cash on board his race car, your going to have to drive fast to take it from him. Another fact about Wade Nygaard: he is sitting third in the points at Hussets Speedway in Brandon South Dakota (as of 6/17/2007).

If you look around the pits you will see quite a few Jon Seitz Memorial stickers on the Late Models cars and as well as some of the other cars in the pits. I honestly don't know of anyone that doesn't miss seeing the 92 car racing around the track, it's a sad deal and defiantly the loss of Jon has created a hole in the River Cities Speedway program. For that reason I will be in the stands during September 6th and 7th special for the 9,200 to win feature in Jon's honor. I can't imagine the crowd that race is going to bring in. That is a big purse and I believe that is probably the second biggest to ever be awarded for a race at River Cities speedway. The WoO Late Models raced for the 10,000 on the 12th of June.

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