Friday, June 01, 2007

Golf pictures this the season.

Check out these really bad golf swing(s), he, he, he... Its not about how bad or good we are at golf. Really its not. Most of us have accepted the fact that we will never be great golfers, and we will never make any money playing golf. Oh sure there will be the occassional skins game that you win a few bucks in but nothing major. It's about the fact that we enjoy a game that is very hard to play.

These are some pictures that I snapped with my digital camera this past weekend in Moorhead Minneosta. Honeslty, guys if we don't golf what else is there to do during the summer? I don't own a boat and fishing would cut into my golfing time.
Long Drives are over rated
Last night I had one of those weird nine hole rounds. I was called to sub for a guy's team that needed a "D" player. I said sure and showed up. This was my first match play round of the season so I didn't know what to expect. Last season as a sub I was 0-3-1 so I wasn't overly positive about doing much. So I started off slapping the ball all around off the tee, I was every where but the fairway. However, my fortunes were changing because I was making some great chips and really long puts. I had 3 puts through three holes. Well the one put was off the green on the fringe that I sunk from like 20 feet out. The moral of the story is long drives are over rated if you can't put or get up and down.

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