Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 12th River Cities Speedway.

There have been times when the track at River Cities speedway was either: (a) too dry, (b) too rough, (c) too wet. This past week the track at River Cities speedway was perfect and lightning fast. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that this past weeks races were some of the best ones we have seen in some time if not years. The track was smooth and fast and the car were flying. One could almost say that Friday's track wasn't for the faint of heart, it was scarey fast. Every class was flying around the track, even the street stocks were fast. The sprints were so fast it was like they were on rail, with as fast as the track was you would have thought there would have been a lot of wreck, but there wasn't

The Sprint Cars on the restart 
As a result of the track being in such good condition there weren't a lot of restarts or stoppages during Friday night's races. The track conditions were helped by last week's rain Grand Forks got about 2 1/2 to 3 inches of rain and that moisture helped give the track a lot of grip. Lets hope that the track maintenance crew can get the River Cities track looking like it was Friday night during the World of Outlaw's sh owes that are coming to River Cities speedway in June.

One of the strangest things happened this week at the races, when the checkered flag fell it appeared the number 18 Midwest modified car had won the feature. Usually they give the win to the guy that finishes the race in first place. The 18 car drove to victory lane only to be told that he didn't win the race.

There was one pretty big crash; during the feature Chris Shriek's sprint car crashed in turn one and got tangled up with Lou Kennedy and Chris Burke, all three cars were finished for the night, Shriek's car suffered the worst damage. Being the Fiery competitor that Lou Kennedy is he came out of his car a little excited and was intercepted by track officials.

Mark Dobmeier Wins His first Feature race of the season.
Mark Dobmeier returned to the winners circle as he won his first feature of the season at River Cities speedway.

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Nosa Sprint Feature

1. 13-Mark Dobmeier

2. 10-Bob Martin

3. 22-Jason Linnell

4. 14M-Austin Monson

5. 33-Scott McDonald

6. 17-Dave Sobczak

7. 92-Mike Sitzman Jr.

8. 8-Casey Mack

9. 5-Dave Glennon

10. 81-Chris Burke

11. 4-Lee Grosz

12. 50-Ryan Flaten

13. 99-Jordan Graham

14. 11-Nick Shirek

15. 12-Jeff Vonasek

16. 91K-Kyle Fedyk

17. 14-Tom Egeland

18. 1-Chris Shirek

19. RX-Richard Rogers

20. 21K-Lou Kennedy Jr.

21. 41-Jade Fredrickson

22. 31-Shane Roemeling
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