Friday, April 06, 2007

Check out this moron

I have watched this video a few times and the first thing I would tell this guy is that he needs to learn how to hold his weapon a little tighter. I don't know what this guy expected. Obviously this is what happens when you shoot a 600 nitro and shoot with a very lose grip. I would be willing to bet that his scope will need to be sighted in again.

For the Tech folks

In the shooting world, "recoil index" is used to provide a measure of kick" when a weapon is fired. A .30-06 is the benchmark with a rating of a 1.0, to which all others are compared. For many people, the '06 is about the limit of what they can shoot multiple times comfortably. A .243 is rated at about 04, a .270 about 0.8, etc. the 600 Nitro Express is rated at a 9.4!
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