Friday, January 26, 2007

The Sportsman's Blog takes on the Hypocrisy of PETA

PETA Not So Animal Friendly

I agree with Jim Braaten I hate the liberal fringe group PETA. Check out this article
Link to PETA's Hypocrisy It will make you sick.

In the past I have made my sentiments about this group perfectly clear…in my opinion this money-hungry group is one of the top enemies not only to the sportsman, but also to ranchers and to medical researchers. The very nature of the group promoting itself as a non-profit entity looking out for the welfare of those creatures without a voice is pure rubbish. In fact, maybe it’s time the actions of this group will finally lead to a public condemnation…but it won’t happen unless the sportsman community knows about it and spreads the word better.
You see this tackle box right here (picture on blog site). It is filled with euthanizing drugs that two employees of PETA allegedly used to kill dozens of stray pets. That’s right. The organization that purports itself to be the champion of God’s creatures that do not have a voice or rights…well, apparently they killed several of those precious creatures and are now ironically on trial for cruelty (among other charges). Animal control shelters actually turned stray pets over to the PETA employees thinking the animals would find a home thanks to PETA’s efforts. They were mistaken.

I agree with this point also; thank God they are getting back what they have given out for years. I hope they take the teeth out of PETA and render them a non factor on the political scene.

This could become a major public relations nightmare for PETA, but I fear the general public is not being made aware of this news. Here is one of the wealthiest groups of its kind on trial for a flawed philosophy that is only good on paper, and not in practice. It’s not just the actions of these two employees who are on trial…it is the credibility and the public perception of the group they represent that really should take a major hit in the public’s eye.

Pet owners especially should be turned off to the actions of this organization. Under the guise of doing what’s right to find animals a new home…instead the two employees apparently operated a rolling slaughterhouse from the back of their van. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they were so brazen to believe they could get away with dumping the animals in some trash bin behind a store.
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