Monday, October 23, 2006

This Should Scare You.

Nancy Pelosi
This Could Happen If the Dems Win the US House in 2006.
The very thought of Nancy Pelosi being the madam speaker of the US House should be frightening to all republicans. This very thought should be almost as scary as Hillary Clinton as being elected to the office of president of the United States. Nancy Pelosi brings with her leftist/ secular San Francisco values that should be frightening to people of conservative ilk. This should be enough to scare republican voters and make them realize if they stay home this November because they are mad at Bush and the GOP leadership they are going to face much bigger problems with this moron in a high leadership position.

If the Democrats get control of the house and senate they are going to do the following things. Not in any specific order.
1. Increase taxes, killing the economy.
2. Impeach Bush
3. Take gun owner’s rights away.
4. Cut and run in Iraq. (Most of them voted for the war)
5. Appease Terrorists. (If we just talk to them)
6. Put forth a liberal progressive agenda, in essence they are going to throw money at social problems.

That should be enough to get you out to the polls this November.
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