Friday, October 27, 2006

I Really Like this AD, Too Bad The GOP Pulled it.

Check out this political ad its really funny.
Harrold Ford Ad
If you really think about it; although this is a silly ad it’s really funny but it’s true, notice how no one was commenting on the accuracy, well except for the left wing shrills. Oh how dare they make this ad. Some have called it racist. I think it’s a stretch.

Here is what you get with the DNC:
When I die I have the death tax to look forward to. They can’t wait to take your money one last time. Lets not kid our selves; It's no secret that the liberal wing of the DNC is for gun confiscation, (it’s been said that it was a reason Gore lost the election in 2000) so if the dems get control of the house and senate there is a good chance they could take your guns away, it will happen in small steps, until legal gun owners have no hand guns or semi automatic weapons. Terrorist need their privacy, it sounds stupid but its true. Left wing Liberal (the Dems) are for the rights of terrorists, they think that a terrorist phone calls are protected from wire-tapping. Seriously if someone of shady background calls UBL in Pakistan his phone call should not be protected, if his phone call is intercepted his right have not be violated. However, Dems think that a person that calls a terrorist over seas has the right to privacy. What the Hell is that? It’s not a constitutionally protected right to be able to plan bombing missions. I mean seriously, they don't want the people interrogating the Jihadist to ask anything but name rank and Jihad number. Some how it’s more important to protect the Jihadist rights than to save the lives of 1000’s.
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